Friday, November 23


Alice by Temperley; Alice by Temperley; Vivienne Westwood; Marc by Marc Jacobs; Paul by Paul Smith; Vivienne Westwood

While looking at the Vanmildert online website, it's extremely hard to find one thing you like. I wanted to write this post and hoped to easily spend a quick minute looking for a couple things to feature, but that wasn't the case. I spent about two hours just looking at all the gorgeous clothing and accessories and trying to decide what not to buy. So be warned. I try not to feature items that are too expensive, but all the designer items on the site are far from that. It's mainly because Vanmildert features sister brands, which is why you find such amazing clothes at great prices. I'm too in love with Paul by Paul Smith, though. If you have to look at one thing, it's definitely Paul by Paul Smith.

Check out all the amazing brands HERE.

le rebelle douce,

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