Thursday, November 1

Yan Ray

This post is about a man who, in my opinion, has an impeccable sense of style - fashion photographer Yan Ray. Yan  studied Fashion, Style and Photography in Shanghai, Dubai, London and photographed for Harper's Bazaar, Vintage and Italian Vogue. His sense style is unique and unconventional, and that I love. In my next posts I'm going to tell (and show) you more about his work, but if your impatient you can check it out here.

Le rebelle doux,
Timur B.

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  1. Nice post... I also his sense of style, it is kinda out of this world and slight costume' perse but yet wearable. I like his outfit in the 4th picture, overall and the shoes in the last picture.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Hope that you will post more.

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