Monday, November 26

Muse Monday: Alexa Chung

The world's like a science and I'm like a secret.

This week's Muse is the lovely Alexa Chung. I don't like using this word, but she is pretty much the definition of a trendsetter. I can safely say she single handedly is the one who started the anorak trend as well as the peter pan collar trend. She's often said her style is a mix of grandma, hipster and prep, which I wouldn't normally condone, but she pulls it off flawlessly. While Chung is no longer with one of our favorite frontmen, Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, we can always hope another rad rockstar will pick up the lovely Miss Chung. Being a trendsetter and dating an amazing rockstar is pretty much the definition of being our Muse, which Alexa has nailed perfectly.

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