Saturday, May 5

DIY: Scalloped Shorts

Hello everyone, for my next DIY segment, I'm doing some scalloped edge shorts. It's relatively simple, and what I'm really excited about this time around is I will be selling the finished product on eBay. More one that later, first, get your materials...

You will need cut-offs that aren't too short (have at least 2+ inches on the inseam). You will also need fabric scissors, fabric chalk, clear nail polish, a measuring tape and a scalloped edge. You can find the scalloped edge online, just google it, look at the images, and find the edge you like best. I printed this one out.

First, you need to prepare your shorts. Cut off all the white fibers hanging and iron out the edges as best as possible. If your shorts aren't cut-offs, that's even better because the edges will already be pretty straight.

Sorry for the next slightly blurry image....but use your tailors chalk and scalloped edge to make your mark. Only do a small part at a time, about 3 scallops, so if you mess up, it's still really easy to fix.

Cut out your scalloped edge, again, remember to only mark and cut about 3 scallops at a time. This step is the most basic, but can take a while.

Once you've cut out your edges, iron it out as best as you can. When you start cutting, you'll find the edges immediately start to roll up.

Use the clear nail polish to seal the edges. It doesn't show and makes the edges slightly stiff. This primarily is to keep your scalloped edge and prevent any fraying.

And there ya go! Scalloped shorts to add a feminine edge to an edgy t-shirt. That's how I would style it, but that's entirely up to you. As I said, these shorts are currently up for sale on eBay, just search "diy scalloped shorts" or click HERE and the picture below will be the main photo. Happy scalloping!


  1. interesting idea, I could try it out this weekend :) happy friday!

  2. Those shorts look awesome! I made one for myself too, I would be glad if you check it out on my blog :)