Tuesday, May 15

i spiked your drink

A few years back, one of my close friends bought me a vintage denim jacket for my birthday. It had a very loose 90s-esque fit, and I loved it. After I saw UNIF with their spiked denim jacket, I realized the only part I really like about it was the studded back, and that I could easily do that by myself. So I did, and here's the final result. The angle isn't perfect and the studs look unevenly aligned, but take my word when I say I just made my new favorite jacket.

The website Studs and Spikes is having a sale on their studs, and they're pretty cheap. It's also where I bought the black spikes for the jacket. Go to the website by clicking HERE.

Song of the Day: "Spike" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

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