Monday, May 28

Muse Monday: Penny Lane

19/50. Penny Lane & #13 Going to a 70s Themed Party

So this week's Muse is a little different from most, mainly because she's not real. Technically. This week's Muse is Penny Lane, the fictional groupie-ahem- "band aide" from the fantastic movie Almost Famous. Played perfectly by Kate Hudson, Penny Lane is a girl who loves music, like most of us, and just wants to go around with bands. I mean, who wouldn't want to do that? Her style is definitely iconic: bell bottoms, suede, platforms, circle sunglasses and fur lined coats makes Penny Lane a perfect 70s rock darling. She's everything I want to be, and don't want to be at the same time. A girl who was sold to another band for beer, wipes her tears away with the reply "What kind of beer?" Strong, delicate, magical, and yes, fictional. If you haven't seen Almost Famous, I suggest you Netflix it, to get the perfect taste of the lovely Penny Lane.

Song of the Day: "Penny Lane" by the Beatles

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  1. Hi! I loooove your blog :) And Penny Lane is one of my most favorite Beatles next to Eleanor Rigby. I followed you on Bloglovin and here as well :) Keep it up because I'll really be waiting for your future posts :)