Friday, May 25

baby, you sure look cheap

I really love the line Material Girl. I know it's pretty kitschy and tween, but take my word for it, some of the pieces are insanely great and insanely cheap. I have a snakeskin motorcycle jacket that I always get compliments on from the line and if you don't believe me, believe the line's new face. Former Muse Georgia May Jagger has been selected to represent the brand this fall. Past face's of the line include Kelly Osbourne and Taylor Momsen, but I think the line is definitely growing up by choosing Jagger to represent them. Jagger has previously been the face for brands like Chanel, H&M and Hudson Jeans, and that's naming a few. I'm really excited to see the new collection as well as the look book.

You can look at the collection and Kelly Osbourne fronted look book by clicking HERE.

Song of the Day: "Hide Your Love" by the Rolling Stones

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