Thursday, May 24

i'll be wandering on for all my years

Some photos from the past week or so, including my newsprint DIY nails and my Topshop Unique Dalmatian nails from their last Fall collection, a shirt I bought at H&M that was white before I used the dip-dye technique (see the dip dye fringe post), art at my local Anthropologie and the Bristol Hotel West Side representin'! You can imagine me saying that in a ghetto accent. Anyways, I unofficially decided every Monday I would do a new DIY or nail art manicure. You'll see the results above. Here are step by step directions for getting the newsprint nails, and by the way, it took me two tries to get it right:
1. Get light colored nail polish, clear nail polish, rubbing alcohol, a shot glass and cut newspaper strips. Make sure your strips have chunks of lettering, no paragraphs in between.
2. Coat your nails with the light nail polish and allow them to COMPLETELY DRY! Can't stress that enough.
3. Put the rubbing alcohol into the shot glass and dip your fingernail in it for at least 10 seconds.
4. Immediately take a newspaper strip and press down HARD for at least 15 seconds. Make sure you evenly press down, tops, sides, everywhere.
5. Peel off the newspaper strip and coat the top with clear nail polish so the print stays. And voila! Easy as pie.

Song of the Day: "People C'mon" by Delta Spirit

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  1. Your nail designs are pretty unique. Interesting to see. Never seen a design like it but I like it. It's different.