Friday, May 11

nail in my coffin

So this week I posted a picture of my new lace nails, and I am constantly getting compliments on them. I love doing my nails, but I find that you have to set aside a good 2 hours, just to let them dry. With nail stickers/nail art, you don't have to wait at all. I think I'm kind of addicted to this already. It's a trend seen on the runways for a while, but I haven't seen too many people tackling this very easy trend, and in LA, that's surprising. I have another set of nail art ready to go and I'll apply them this weekend. The nail art above is all from Topshop except the last set which is, obviously, from Sephora. My lace nails are also from Sephora. I strongly recommend trying this trend, because it's so easy and the results are too kick-ass to pass up! (Those America nails are mine!!)

Song of the Day: "Nail In My Coffin" by The Kills

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