Saturday, June 16

Look Book: UNIF "Poison Ivy"

My favorite brand UNIF has a new look book for this Summer called "Poison Ivy." Aptly named after the 90s film starring Drew Barrymore in which a psychotic blonde be-friends the new girl brunette and tries to become a part of the family. In a weird, twisted way of course. Anyways, long story short, the new look book features UNIF favorites like their classic sleeveless t's, motorcycle jackets, and always some amazing dresses. I've had my eyes on that harness dress and the second it's available on Karmaloop it's mine! The 90s are still full force this summer and UNIF is definitely paying their homage to the trend.

For the rest of the look book and a little more on the title click HERE.

Song of the Day: "Poison Ivy" by the Von Bondies

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