Thursday, June 14

through the storms and the light

Some photos from the past week including a vintage Hershey's bar I found at OSH, the two albums I chose to take with me while I drove around all day in a car only equipped with a CD player, a re-worked vintage shirt I bought in Downtown that I'm absolutely in love with! I really can't get enough of the collar tip trend and this shirt was just screaming summer perfection. Also my DIY pastel nails which were super easy to do, as long as you have some tape and dry time. Finally I was down on Main St. in Downtown LA which is more or less the art district and I loved this angle I was at so I took a picture. I love Main and Spring Street, and I'll be going there tonight for the Downtown Art Walk. Also in the first pic you can see my DIY flame nails which took forever to do, but came out so awesome. I just placed an order with the Featured Designer of the month Cha Cha Nails, so stay tuned for some snaps of those nails!!!

By the way I'm skipping tomorrow's post to do the new DIY post which will be up on Saturday. If you've been following us on Facebook, you know what to expect!

Song of the Day: "No I in Threesome" by Interpol

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