Friday, June 29

Superga X House of Holland

Another awesome collaboration to report on! I don't know if you've heard about this one yet, it's a collab that's been around for a while and I keep forgetting to post about it. Henry Holland, the mastermind behind those kitschy t-shirt slogans and suspender tights you see everywhere, has teamed up with UK sneaker brand Superga for a limited edition line of sneakers. All the sneakers are oh-so-Holland, a ton of fun prints that identify with House of Holland. Oh, and if you're thinking "Superga, where have I heard that before?!" Remember a while ago Alexa Chung had a select pick at Superga and modeled for the brand. Anyways, the sneakers all range from $95-$115 and are available on the UK website, NOT the US Superga website!

Here's the link to the line, with US currency!

Song of the Day: "This House Is A Circus" by Arctic Monkeys

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  1. Hi, Sheebanna i finally commented on your blog it is pretty nice and I must admit I like your collections they are nice.