Saturday, June 9

Featured Designer: Cha Cha Covers

This month's featured designer is a new nail decal designer. I've been constantly talking about my new found love of nail decals (they're remarkably easy to do) and I found this brand off of Etsy. Run by Ana Guajardo, a Texan native born in Mexico and residing in LA, Cha Cha Covers have some seriously awesome designs. I had a chance to interview Ana and she gave me some cool details on her new brand:

How long have you been designing?

I've been working on developing Cha Cha Covers since February, and finally got them off the ground and in the market in March. It took me a little time to engineer the idea and get them just right.

What motivated you to start selling on Etsy?

Etsy is an outlet where people find off-beat, interesting and non-commericial goods, so I thought my decals would reach the perfect audience on Etsy. Sure enough, they have been very well received on Etsy, I'm getting orders from across the nation and around the world!

In a nutshell, how do you create the decals?

I design them on photoshop and print them on a special paper that must be treated to maintain their color and texture. It was challenging at first because I wanted to use the least toxic ingredients possible since these are used on the body I wanted them to be safe.

Where do you find inspiration for your nail designs?

I have always included images in my work that are not easily found in the mainstream and appeal to a niche market seeking imagery that resonates with global cultures. I am a Mexican-born Chicana, residing in a global city, so I am inspired by Latino culture, urban images as well as African and Middle-Eastern art. I try to incorporate imagery that my LA neighbors will like, and since LA is like a microcosm of our diverse country really, people across the nation seem to respond to my designs. My first decals were of the Virgin of Guadalupe and Papel Picado (Mexican cut paper flags) and they were a hit simply because people had never seen these very culturally specific Mexican images in nail decals before. Since I’ve expanded to sugar skulls and other designs I enjoy giving fun titles to, like “African lolliPOP” and “Magic Carpet Ride” that reference African and Moroccan cultures, respectively.

Will you be expanding your line beyond decals and earrings?

I have been dreaming up a few other ideas using the same technique I use on the decals. Apparently I like to cover things, haha! I actually started out making decorative light switch covers, something I have done for over ten years, but only really sell at festivals and events. So now I’m thinking of covering glass candles and perhaps even clutches. I’m having a lot of fun with the decals though, so before I move on I want to design a huge variety of decals, the possibilities are endless!

The decals and earrings are available on the Cha Cha Covers Etsy site, or you can click HERE. With the Mexican/Southwest trend going on, these nails are the perfect accessories! Best part? All the nail decals cost $5! Something else that's awesome? Shipping is $1!! You definitely don't need to have an expanded bank account to afford some awesome nail art!

Song of the Day: "Last Day Of Magic" by The Kills

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