Monday, October 1

Muse Monday: Quadrophenia

32/50 - Quadrophenia

So this week's Muse is a little different. The word 'Muse' means inspiration, and something that gives off a ton of British mod inspiration is the 70s movie Quadrophenia. The film is about the mod vs. rockers fight that happened in Brighton Beach in the 1960s. The girls don kitten heels, everyone is on a vespa and everyone has a green army anorack. That is, if you're a mod. The rockers don leather jackets, tight pants and motorcycles. So whether you're a mod or a rocker, the film is truly fantastic, the brain-child of The Who. That's right, the legendary band The Who, who also have a killer album/soundtrack to go with it. I strongly recommend going to watch the film, it's ridiculously kick-ass, and you're probably going to buy an anorack jacket afterwards.

le rebelle douce,

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