Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween

I love the website Karmaloop for two sole reasons: First, they have the best selection of UNIF next to Nasty Gal. Second, their sales and pricing of said UNIF is significantly less than everyone else. I've never liked their look though. It's all very hip-hop-ish. The girls wearing inappropriate beanies, the styling is way off, and the whole aesthetic definitely leans towards a hip-hop crowd. I don't know what happened with this new lookbook, but it's right up my alley. And apparently my alley leads to a cemetery. The new lookbook, I guess for Halloween, is very dark but still lovely. What I really love is the girls are slightly transparent, giving it a special, perfect for Halloween feel. Happy Halloween.

le rebelle douce,


  1. These photos are great, so spooky but still fabulous! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. wow, very haunting photos!! they look so amazing :) thanks alot for sharing them <3

  3. Love it! Follow you and I hope that you will follow my blog! <3

  4. Those are some freaky photos!