Monday, October 29

Muse Monday: Alice Glass


I never liked electronic music. It's like modern day disco, any music made my machines isn't quite music to me. Anyways, at Coachella 2011, all my friends were so excited to see Crystal Castles, and they blew my mind. More specifically, the crazy frontwoman Alice Glass blew my mind. With her crazy, barely audible lyrics, crazy style and devil-may-care attitude, she was mesmerizing. A friend of mine told me a story about the last time he saw her, at Coachella 2009, and she came out, 20 minutes late, coked out, and sang for apparently 15 minutes. Someone from the crowd yelled out "Stop doing coke!" I'm not gonna lie, she's one of the true rockstars left. Badass. Fucked up. And we still love her.

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