Wednesday, October 3

catula from meowsylvania

Some photos from the past few weeks. I was lucky enough to score some great UNIF for cheap at their sample sale in Downtown LA. Luckily they were a few blocks away from my work, so getting there early was really easy. Everything in that photo I scored for under $200, so I am extremely satisfied. Also a while back was the space shuttle Endeavor show. All over LA, Malibu, Hollywood, Pasadena, Downtown you could see it. I saw it. I'm happy. Also some Chanel flats of mine and some street art from Melrose and Downtown. Melrose really does have the best street art. The last one, was named by Timur. I came up with (the horrible) catula, he added "from meowsylvania." Can you forgive us for our lame ways?

le rebelle douce,

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