Monday, October 22

Muse Monday: Edie Sedgwick

Challenge: Diva with vintage bag - Edie Sedgwick

This week's Muse is the lovely Edie Sedgwick. You can't talk about mod, the swingin' sixties or Andy Warhol without talking about Edie Sedgwick. She's already a bona-fide icon, with an envious closet and tragic story, the girl who defined the 60s factory scene. Sedgwick became an original "it" girl when Warhol saw her in New York at a party and immediately took her in as a true Muse. Running around in micro mini's, sky high heels and always a leopard print coat, Sedgwick's style is constantly mimicked but never mastered. No one can ever quite do it like Edie Sedgwick did.


  1. i absolutely adore the dress! great picks, thanks for putting them together <3

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