Saturday, June 2

DIY: Floral and Spike Shoe Garter

So the next DIY segment is here and it's inspired by the picture above. Above are shoe garters you can buy on Dolls Kill, and I almost did, for a cool $60, when I realized, I can make those. So I did, and you can to. They add such a cool edge to any boot, I seriously love them! So first get your supplies: two 9'' velvet strips, two 3'' elastic pieces, needle and thread, some individual flowers and several spikes at least 3 for each garter. Also some things not pictured are clear nail polish and an awl, although I used an ice pick and you can basically use anything that's sharp enough to poke small holes through the ribbon, even scissors.

So start hand sewing the elastic with the velvet ribbon. It's really easy, just put the two strips back to back and sew them together. I can't stress enough how simple this step is.

Next, seal the ends with clear nail polish.

Afterwards, when your garter is sewn up and ready, place in inside out and mark with fabric chalk or even a pen where you want your spikes to go. Lay if flat across for an even placement.

Next, use your scissors, awl, ice pick, whatever and poke a hole through.

Use screw in spike and put them through the hole, with the screw side going in first, like pictured below. Also you can use a screw driver to secure the spike tightly.

Next, sew in your flowers in between the spike placement. To make it easy with 3D flowers, place the flower inside and pinch it tight to secure it. Then just sew the other side a couple times and then your done.

You can't easily see the garter on this picture, which is why I have the next picture, but I added the picture anyways because you have to use the garter on shoes with a heel so they stay put.

Here you can better see the shoe garter. You can put studs, larger flowers, whatever you want on them. It's really simple and it looks so rad on any pair of boots. I really recommend trying it, and you'll see how many compliments you do get on them.

Song of the Day: "Flower" by Sonic Youth

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