Sunday, January 29

fractured moonlight on the sea

Sorry I've been skipping so many days on the posts. Life is REALLY catching up with me and I'll try from now on to do a lot better! Anyways, loving the style these girls have, and they're all relatively attainable. Most of the time on street style shots, it'll be some rich girl wearing Prada and Chanel and obviously not everyone can afford kick-ass digs like that. Vintage, denim, graphic shirts and American Apparel pretty much sum up the pictures above. (The girl in the third picture is wearing an American Apparel dress.)

Song of the Day: "Never Let Me Go" by Florence + the Machine

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  1. I love the look with the oversized cheetah print clutch! I'm definitely getting into animal print this year so that look is really good inspiration:) great post! I look forward to more