Friday, January 13

DIY Part 2: Detachable Collars

The last part of this DIY segment is about detachable collars which is a pretty tricky trend to tackle, but all you really need is a cool sweater and a bucket of confidence. 

What you need is a men's button up shirt that buttons all the way to the top (although any old shirt you have will work, this one's from Goodwill)....

...a pair of scissors, a cool button/pin and needle/thread (only if you're using a button).

First, cut off the collar.

When cutting off the collar, make sure to get beneath the stitches, otherwise you'll cut off the collar and it'll come apart at the seams.

In the end your collar should look like this.

Attach the pin on the side of the collar with the button hole.

And voila! Easy detachable collar to add to any outfit. Below are some quick ideas.

Collars look great over a sweater or t-shirt with a high collar. They add a unique touch to a plain ensemble....

....or they look rad with a strapless dress. Usually one of the same color, but if you want to be very daring, choose a different color.

Song of the Day: "Insight" by Joy Division

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  1. Very cute! I did the same thing with a lobster print shirt!