Monday, January 23

Muse Monday: Lana Del Rey

runaway with me, lana del rey .

We LOVE Lana Del Rey! But it is hard to get past the history of her rise to fame and her SNL performance just last week. If you haven't heard, Lana Del Rey (real name Elizabeth Grant) comes from a very wealthy family in New York and most of her, if not all, marketing has been paid and pushed by her dad's money. She basically has the means to become famous and did release an album about a year ago, but after negative reviews, she completely pulled it and decided to start all over again. Her debut album entitled 'Born To Die' will be released January 30th in the US and her singles "Video Games", "Born To Die," and "Blue Jeans" have been widely received. Although I do agree with some critics that her SNL performance was suspiciously too early, she is still a talented young singer. Del Rey also recently signed to Viva Modeling Management (who has clients like Alexa Chung and Harley Viera-Newton).

While she does have a pretty sketchy history, who cares! She is still gorgeous, still talented, and can still write some pretty kick-ass music. Her beautifully vintage style is sure to make her a frequent on the best dressed lists for this year. I think 2012 belongs to Lana Del Rey.

Song of the Day: "Blue Jeans" by Lana Del Rey

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