Saturday, January 14

i say that i want you

Coachella Day 1

Deciding what to wear to Coachella is just as important as deciding when to buy your ticket. Coachella is a haven for fashion. I once took a fashion history class and one day, we discussed how trends are determined. One thing the professor exclaimed was that Coachella was a huge clue as to what would be popular the next season. When you're at Coachella, it's not just about the music anymore, it's about what you wear. Some of the most gorgeous and glamourous (in a rocker type of way) girls I've seen in my life are at Coachella and I decide months in advance what I will wear and on what day. It just adds to the excitement and anticipation.

Song of the Day: "Club Foot" by Kasabian


  1. You are fantastic!!!! Brilliant blog! Have a great weekend! :-)

  2. Those shorts are really cute. (: Very nice outfit there!

  3. Have fun! Are you camping all week or just attending one of the two weekends? You're thinking ahead big time. You must be v excited. I hope you've bought your tickets because according to yesterday's Huffington Post, both weekends have already sold out...

    Sunny Blonde Studio

    1. Haha yes the tickets sold out much faster than other years but we already have our tickets and I made reservations last August for a condo. We've been going for a couple years now so we definitely know that planning WAY ahead is necessary.