Thursday, January 12

DIY Part 1: Studded Collar

So this is the first part of a two part DIY segment I'm going to try out. I sew and love making my own outfits and accessories (especially when buying it can cost so much more!) so I want to share some easy, fun tips on dressing up some things you may already have in your closet.

This is a simple studding tutorial. I constantly see girls with insanely embellished collars and it's so easy to do! Of course, my favorite add-ons are studs and they're so versatile, they can go on almost anything. Basically, I want your shirt to come out like the picture below. So what you'll need is a plain collared shirt; I used a chiffon shirt which was a bad idea. The fabric is too flimsy it ends up bunching so use a denim, cotton or polyester shirt with a stiffer collar.

The collared shirt......

....some studs with spiked backs, pliers and you're ready to go!

Mark out where you want the stud to go. For an easy start, begin studding at the very tip of your collar.

The studs should easily poke through and, with the pliers, fold over the stud tips on top of the shirt.

When you're done, the back should look like this....

....and the front should look like this.

Repeat the steps, make sure to evenly spread the studs, and you're finished product should look like this.

Tomorrow's post will also be about collars, but I'll be tackling detachable collars.

Song of the Day: "Sexy Results" by Death From Above 1979

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  1. Where fashion meets rock 'n roll? Hmm, I think I really like this blog. (: I'd love for all my collars to look like that, LOL -- I love that.