Thursday, January 5

cut it out

Balenciaga; Jeffrey Campbell; Asos

So about a year ago Balenciaga came out with these crazy cut-out boots. Next thing you know, every girl is wearing them (Karlie Kloss, Mary-Kate Olsen, Rumi Neely) so the knock-offs were inevitable. The first major knock-off was, of course, Jeffrey Campbell who has done knock-offs plenty of times, so it was no surprise when those came out. And of course, Asos soon followed, but despite the fact that these boots are knock-offs, I mean, who really cares? They're still insanely awesome boots! And anyways, the Balenciaga ones are sold out.....

Song of the Day: "Elenore" by the Turtles

FYI: the Jeffrey Campbell and Asos typing under the pictures are links to the pages where you can buy the shoes.

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