Thursday, August 2

Lookbook: Factory Girl

Every season, Topshop releases about four collections and lookbooks at a time, displaying all the different trends shown at fashion week and what's new with their line. For years, I've looked forward to these lookbooks every season, and this one is one of my favorite for this Fall/Winter. It's called Factory Girl and displays the awesome 60s trend going on. Think tweeds, boxy coats, flats, and a ton of knit. I absolutely adore the 60s, such a great decade, and the whole collection is very minimalist mod. It's ridiculously easy to pull off and perfect for staying comfortable while looking great. The collection is already available on Topshop.

Song of the Day: "All Mod Cons" by The Jam

1 comment:

  1. I ADORE the 60s and I'm dying just a little at absolute minimalist perfection of it all. By the way, I love your blog so keep up with the awesome and quality posts! :)