Friday, August 17

bet you something i can get your mouth shut

So these are some pics from the past few days. Actually just from Monday and Tuesday. I was lucky enough to get tickets to both sold out performances of The Kills at the Mayan in Downtown and Franz Ferdinand at the Glasshouse in Pomona. Both were really great, and we got pretty close. It was my fourth time seeing The Kills and my tenth time seeing Franz. Yeah, I'm a pretty big Franz Fan. By far one of the more interesting things that happened on stage was when Jamie Hince from The Kills (also married to Kate Moss) said "This next song I only sing to people I hate. This song is for Pierce Morgan." He then played "Fuck The People." Pretty interested, I googled Kate Moss and Pierce Morgan and sure enough I easily found several articles in which Morgan was slamming Moss for being at the closing ceremony of the Olympics and tweeted "she probably failed her drug test." That sucks. Go on, Mr. Hince. Anyways, the new DIY post is ready and will be up tomorrow.

Song of the Day: "Fuck The People" by The Kills

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