Wednesday, August 29

Nasty Gal Collection

So let me start off by massively apologizing for my absence on the blog. I know, not even a warning on the facebook page, which I usually promise to do. As you can imagine, this week has been brutally hectic and I'm barely now finding time to post. Once again, all will be back to normal by the weekend. Moving past that, Nasty Gal released their first official collection and it's pretty badass. By far, my favorite color is blush ( I know, really random) but that color always looks amazing with black, which is pretty much lining my closet. The collection, is mainly black and blush, so it's quite near and dear to my heart. I'm loving all the moto styles going on, including the fringe jacket in the last photo. I practically fainted when I saw it. 

Shop the collection HERE.

Song of the Day: "Crazy Eights" by Tapes 'N Tapes

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