Monday, August 20

Muse Monday: Charlotte Free

Charlotte Free!

This week's Muse is the incredible model Charlotte Free. If you haven't heard the name, you should certainly recognize the face. Especially because she was also in the week's street style posts. Anyways, Charlotte Free is the new edgy model face. Before her it was Agyness Deyn and before Deyn it was Alice Dellal. Charlotte is a regular in front of Terry Richardson's camera lens (where I first heard of her) and is starting to appear more and more often in the pages of magazines. What makes Free stand out most is her hair color, and like the edgy models before her, it's probably what got her the jobs in the first place. Whatever it is, we love Charlotte Free, and we can't get enough of her band t's and cycling shorts.

Song of the Day: "Ink Free" by Sons & Daughters

1 comment:

  1. hmmm you are right i don't know her but i like her fashion.

    it's casual, edgy and unique for me.

    by the way, did you do this collage photo. it's artistic! this is good idea for my next scrapbook.