Sunday, August 5

here on the ground

Right around this time of summer, I start getting totally over summer. I'm over it. Especially because all the Fall trends are starting to hit stores and I start collecting my cold weather pieces. I just bought a new black leather jacket from UNIF, can't wear it. Why? Because it's fucking 95 degrees outside. I've just started wearing all black now. Waiting for summer to die. Macabre, yes. Depressing, maybe. Rational, probably not. But black t-shirts and cut-offs are all I'm wearing right now, waiting for a chance to put on some tights, knit sweaters, and leather jackets.

Song of the Day: "Black Dirt" by Sea Wolf

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  1. I hear you! Can't wait for the summer to be over, all my new fall pieces are dying to get out from the closet :)

    Love your blog, now following via google friend connect!