Friday, August 3

the search for cherry red

Apologies for the slightly grainy photos. Sometimes they come out great, other times they don't. Anyways, bought another pair of Docs this week, ox blood color, and that makes pair number 5. So since I can, I put all my Docs in a line and took a photo. A family photo. That makes me smile inside. I also went to some event at the Hammer Museum a few weeks back and I was very surprised at how nice the place is. I don't live on the Westside and the Downtown LA area is mainly where I hang out, so it was my first time at the Hammer. Very cool place and a very cool event put on by KCRW. Also, some purple/iridescent Betsey Johnson leggings I uncovered while emptying out part of my closet. Lastly, some Zara boots that I scored for a cool $50. Pretty rad considering they were originally $150. By the way, I'm returning them at the Zara location in Pasadena so if you're in the area and are a size 8, you may be able to find them there.

Song of the Day: "The Search For Cherry Red" by The Kills

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  1. Love those Docs, awesome color! I used to own a pair of bright red ones and just lived in them :-)
    Hopping over from Blogger to say hi, really liking the look of your blog.
    Wishing you a fantastic weekend,