Thursday, August 16

your pretty little rags and bones

Kate Moss is starring in the new ad campaign for one of my favorite brands Rag & Bone. The campaign, which you'll probably see all over for Fall, is Moss in a very "candid" pose. It also celebrates Rag & Bones' first flagship store in Europe which is opening in London. Rightfully enough, the shots were taken in North London. Also remember, Rag & Bone are part of the huge collaboration between Neiman Marcus and Target, so the prices may keep you at bay from the brand, in early December, everyone will be able to get a piece of Rag & Bone.

Song of the Day: "Rag and Bone" by the White Stripes

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  1. Love these pictures! And the leather jacket in first pic just went to my wish list :)

    Have a great weekend!