Thursday, August 9

Topshop X Opening Ceremony

I get asked often what my favorite store is. I've never given a clear answer. I don't really have a clear answer. But what I do know, is in the top three are Opening Ceremony and Topshop. Imagine my sheer shit-shock when I discovered the two were teaming up for the Olympics with an exclusive collaboration. Not too surprising. Actually, yes it is. But considering that Opening Ceremony opened a pop-up shop in London for the Olympic rush and Topshop being a London staple, one could put two and two together. Anyways, there are only 8 pieces ranging from $120-$200. All simple staples with perfect tailoring, they do have an Olympic vibe. Plus with the pieces being red, white or blue, it definitely reminds us that the UK and US have more than we think in common.

Song of the Day: "Survival" by Muse (the official song of the Olympics)

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