Friday, August 10

i've been living for this cyber soul

Some pictures from this past week including the chandelier and part of the art deco mural at my local movie theater, the lovely late night cafe meal my friends and I had plus the macaroons that I ordered. Also my guitar that's like my other arm, you can also take a peak inside what I have lying around my room. Hats, hair products (the Charlotte Ronson for Sephora beach spray right there is literally my life line) along with a Nietzsche book and the endless shelves of shoes. Plus my new Black Milk clothing leggings that make me an official sharkie and my new nail decals from former featured designer Cha Cha Covers. Remember them? Still in love with their decals and their incredible long-lasting designs. Anyways, can't wait to order more decals and more leggings!

Song of the Day: "Friends" by Band of Skulls

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