Thursday, July 5

i can give you ice cream

Some photos from the past few weeks. My friend sent me a picture of the inside of some modeling agency he was at, very rad photos there. Then some weird Jesus/alien art near Little Tokyo in Downtown LA, Topshop socks I picked up at Fred Segal, a Marc Jacobs condom (seriously), and some good ol' fashioned Walgreens ice cream sandwiches. They're supposedly the best ice cream sandwiches, and they're pretty good, but then again, I don't eat enough ice cream sandwiches to say what's "best." Anyways they're a great way to keep cool and to satisfy a sweet craving at the same time. Oh, and please excuse my butchered thumb nail in the Topshop socks photo. I was in the middle of doing them when I just decided to stop. Whatever.

Song of the Day: "Ice Cream" by New Young Pony Club

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