Tuesday, July 3

the VERY best

It's been a little hot lately (alright, extremely hot) for the normal sneakers and jeans that everyone still seems to be sporting. I think people forget that when you're not in school, you don't have to dress so plain, and everyone around me is wearing sandals. I get it, everyone wears flip-flops when it's too hot out, and I totally understand. What I don't understand, is the lack of style when it gets so hot. Especially with so many amazing sandal options, just because it's sweltering outside, doesn't mean you have to sweat off your sense of style. Behold, my latest UK online store envy with Very, an online store that's a mega-marketplace of all my favorite brands and a few rad ones I've never heard of. All the insanely awesome styles above are available on Very, and lucky for me (and you), they're in the middle of a huge sale. Like those awesome neutral color blocking sandals in the first picture, £12.00!!! Seriously, like that isn't amazing! Check out their massive collection of mid-heel wedge sandals..

Song of the Day: "Little Black Sandals" by Sia

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