Monday, July 9

Muse Monday: Beth Ditto


I remember when the Gossip first came out several years ago. What I remember most were all the articles I read about the eccentric lead singer Beth Ditto. She was definitely a power house. Strong, lesbian, provocateur, over-weight, confident and extremely powerful. Ditto talked about rejection all her life and how it just made her stronger. Even after she picked a fight with Kate Moss over the NME "Sexiest Woman Alive" award, a week later, they were BFF's. Anyone that has seen Gossip live will easily tell you, Beth Ditto knocks your socks off. She is just full of this positive energy that overwhelms the entire room and makes you want to dance until your feet fall off. Beth Ditto is definitely a symbol of the future woman. She exudes an energy quite like no other, and she is as strong as she is loud. I think that's enough to make her at least this week's Muse.

Song of the Day: "Standing In The Way of Control" by Gossip

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