Wednesday, July 11

who gives a fuck about an oxford comma?

Some photos from the past week. I went to the American Apparel flea market which was so conveniently located down the street from where I work. I ended up going twice and finding a ton of good deals. Also some studded nail decals from Target (yeah, Target) as well as my ticket for the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Best flea market around, especially if you like to haggle. I just went for litereally 20 minutes looking for one vendor in particular. It's these two hispanic guys that sell a TON of rad vintage shirts for $8 and cut-offs of all different colors for $10. I'm talking about what's in YOUR closet that you bought for $60. The shirts are just amazing. Also these black platform oxfords are being sold by yours truly. I'm selling them on ebay for $20 starting bid. If you like what you see, go check 'em out.

The oxfords are on sale HERE.

Song of the Day: "Oxford Comma" by Vampire Weekend

REMINDER: blog URL will be changing from to we are dropping the 's'!

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