Monday, July 30

Muse Monday: Cory Kennedy


I'm not too into those girls who are famous for nothing. Here in LA, there's a lot of those girls. I don't pay too much attention, but a while back, one girl in particular had the internet buzzing, and all the local LA papers had articles about her. Cory Kennedy is famous for essentially being stick thin, having cool friends and having a ridiculously rad sense of style. Mainly her friendly connections have made her famous and those friends include the Cobra Snake, Lindsay Lohan, Albert Hammond Jr., Jeremy Scott, Paris Hilton, Peaches Geldof, Florence Welch and Agyness Deyn, although those are really the only ones I can currently think of. She has been on the cover of WWD and Nylon, written about in LA Weekly and Gawker and is basically always somewhere. Her blog which is mainly a photo diary, hi-lites her crazy parties with her insane friends in posh clubs all over the world. A girl about town with a killer style, Kennedy dated James from Klaxons, which definitely solidifies her as a Muse. If a Klaxon loves her, we can certainly do the same.

Song of the Day: "Isle Of Her" by Klaxons

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