Saturday, July 28

Richard Nicoll X Topshop

A while back, I heard about Richard Nicoll doing a "bridal" collection for Topshop. I thought,  hmm, Topshop doing a bridal collection, that will come in handy much later in my life. I assume if you heard this news you all though the same. I'm 21. Definitely NOT thinking about marriage right now. Then the collection came out and I was just floored with the beauty of it. Four pieces in white, three in blush pink, the collection is more for a chic bridal party than a wedding. And even then, it's really not too much of a bridal collection at all. Anyways, I love it a lot. It's amazingly beautiful, and I need to get my hands on the blush pink dress in the second photo. Put on a motorcycle jacket, and I have my new going out outfit.

Song of the Day: "Cigarettes, Wedding Bands" by Band Of Horses

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