Monday, July 16

Muse Monday: Erin Wasson


Designer/iconic model Erin Wasson is this week's Muse. Why? We don't really need to explain why. But unless you don't know who she is, here ya go. She became famous by modeling for countless runways and campaigns and most notably being Alexander Wang's own Muse. Wasson has mastered the rock 'n roll look and it definitely shows in her many designer lines and collaborations, our favorite being Erin Wasson X RVCA. Constantly seen out and about in leather pants and a Wang bag, she really does exude this effortless rocker chick vibe. Like the girl you see outside the Roxy waiting for her musician boyfriend to come out. Now, she can add actress to her resume, she appears in the film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. While she continues to tackle and master every art form out there, we really can't wait to see what her next venture will be.

Song of the Day: "Rock & Roll Queen" by the Subways

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