Tuesday, July 10

New blog. Well not really

Hey everyone, I wanted to make an announcement that the blog domain will be changing from le rebelles doux to le rebelle doux. Dropping the "s" because apparently it's not proper grammar. And you know, I'm a slave to proper grammar. Anyways, the change will be made also to the facebook account, tumblr and any other place I'm on. You will see that many already have the change. I will try to change the email as well, but I don't think I'll be too successful. Basically anywhere/everywhere I can change it, I will. The change will officially be made to the blog domain this Saturday July 14. I want to change it, to make it proper, but at the same time I think it may be too difficult. In the posts until this Saturday, I will keep a constant reminder. It's just dropping the "s", I know, such a big deal over a little thing, but it is changing the address and any other way people might take to get to the blog.

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